Thursday, 16 April 2015

J&M | 2014

We're alive!! 

I haven't posted here in forever… however recently just threw together a quick video of the girls last year. 

It makes me so grateful for having them in my life. 
We're loving the warmer days and I'm hoping to do more exciting activities with them and mostly…. our holiday to Wales has been booked for September! 

They loved it last time and I cannot wait to see them running up and down those sand dunes again. 

More posts coming soon!

Monday, 8 December 2014

2 Dogs & a Baby

It has now been almost 18 months where J&M have had to share there lives with our little volcano called Scarlet. 

It's been a strange journey but I have to say they coped far better than I originally thought. 

Since Scarlet does not live with me, my dogs are never ever left alone with her… I would probably be like this even if she did live with me! 

Jess, goes from being stuck to her like glue, if she's crying or sleeping, she will be there… she's half staff so there's her nanny instincts kicking in :) however she does get jealous, but only when I am with Scarlet. If baby comes to me, then Jess will want to sit on my knee, if she's not getting attention she will whine. Having said that, she is very patient with Scarlet, who on occasions has pulled the tail and bopped her nose, with Jess just taking it like a Mama. 

Molly still to this day, 90% of the time, will act like Scarlet isn't even there. She moves around her and ignores her and gets on with what she's doing. The other 10% of the time, she will try and lick her face when she thinks we're not watching haha!

Scarlet loves to feed the dogs, so I make sure she does it fairly and evenly, although i've noticed her favourite dog is always changing! 

I was worried before Scarlet was born because my girls had never been around a baby, especially one that would be such a huge mark on our family life and turn the family dynamics upside down. 

They have coped amazingly, I am so proud of them. 

Molly, who ignores the elephant in the room, which as a dog/baby household is usually a blessing. 

And Jess, the dog who loves the baby and will protect and love her… just struggles a little with who gets her Mama's attention ;)