My darling Jess.

We adopted her, a no name stray from the rescue home in September 2008.

She was sad looking, lonely and incredibly skinny and from the moment she unexpectedly licked my cheek whilst I was talking to the worker I knew she was ours.

She was terrified as we brought her home.

Her tale was stuck between her legs for weeks, she never made a noise and never played.

But, within the first week she had gained weight... a lot of it!

And we found out she was pregnant.

We was told she'd be due in about 5 weeks... but it was much sooner.

And on Halloween 2008 in the early afternoon of a rare bright day, Bobbie, Scooby, Millie and Molly was welcomed into the world.

She was a good mum for a 9 month old and through some of my begging it was a family decision that she would keep her youngest pup.

And through Molly, she has learnt to make noises (a lot), play fetch and chase and be an incredibly loving to the whole family.

My gorgeous Jessie. xx