My crazy, excited & gorgeous little Molly!

Molly was born on Halloween 2008 in my dining room. She was the last puppy to arrive and the only one to have a perfect birth. She was the largest pup and the only one with her markings.

We hadn't expected Jess to be pregnant when we adopted her but in hindsight it's actually done her a load of good. Before Molly, Jess didn't know how to play (at all) but slowly Molly has introduced her to the reason why fetch is the best game ever!!

She was beautiful and made my heart melt (along with the others of course).

And I didn't realise how much I loved the pups till they all started going to their new homes.
The girls was harder to re home as we started off with Jess's story so in the end it was a family decision to keep the baby. Little Moll.

 She was scared of stairs but once she conquered that there was no stopping her.
This then welcomes mad dog number 2.

 She's a crazy, hyperactive, fetch-aholic loony.

But my goodness do I love her.