Thursday, 14 January 2010

A-Z (Jess)

B is for Bone!

One of Jess' happiest past times.

C is for Crazy

She's never been a crazy dog, and probably never will be but she has the odd few moments. Obviously this picture has been cropped to show just her crazy face, it was too a precious moment to focus on everything else.

M is for Mummy!

We bought Jess when she was pregnant (we didn't know!) a month after she became a family member she decided to add 4 more to our household. A blessing in disguise, I loved every moment seeing Bobbie, Scooby, Millie and Molly grow up.

R is for Relaxing

She's not a lazy dog - not at all - but she does like a nice comfy human bed.
S is for Sad eyes!

Jessie's been through a lot in her 2 years and she seems to have gotten in the habit to have a face like this.

T is for Tricks

Jess is very talented when it comes to tricks, she tends to pick them up and perfect them within an hour of being shown it for the first time. She loves to please us.

W is for Woods

Her favourate place in the world - by far!

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