Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What I love about dogs;

1. I love how no matter how tired or busy they are when you come home and walk through the front door they drop everything to greet you like they have not seen you in years.

2. I love how protected they make me feel - Bumps in the night no longer make me a little scared when I'm alone as these two hear everything and I know if someone was there they would be the first to show they know.

3. I love happy dogs, nothing is better than seeing them running off leash on a field having the time of their lives.

4. Jess' wrinkles in the top of her head.

5. The way that Molly has a habit of making everyone laugh.

6. How they love sleeping under duvets with us.

7. How Molly copies everything from her mother.

8. How they snore - loudly.

9. How no matter how sad I am they will do anything to cheer me up.

10. How (all dogs) love their owner - They don't care how rich, pretty or popular they are, they love them more than anyone.

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