Monday, 26 April 2010


We spent the week in the Lake District, the girls first ever holiday and they loved it!
They even climbed the nearest mountain called 'Coniston old man', which was bloody hard, I don't think I could have made it without them pulling to the top like it was a stroll around the block.
One day Jess went missing by getting out of our 4 acre garden at the cottage, that was scary as she hasn't been missing since they day we brought her home, thankfully a nice man across the lake shouted over to us telling us where he saw her and she was brought home safely (we later found out she got on the main road).
Both dogs absolutely loved it and we're thinking of having a yearly cottage trip so they can join us and have a holiday of their own. On the last day, well actually the last 5 minutes before jumping in the car to go home, we let the dogs have one last lap of the field, Jess decided to run her back on the grass a little too close to the edge and fell in... coming from a dog who won't put a paw in a puddle is was definitely a sight to see.

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