Friday, 28 May 2010


Recently found some amazing dog trainers on youtube, the girls have pretty much learned to do basic leg weaving and Molly has mastered jumping into my arms on command in less than 2 days. I can't believe how well it's working and they respond so quickly. Jess can't quite jump into my arms but whilst sitting she jumps into my lap on command and I have put around 8 books on the chair to make me higher, she's never been as good a jumper as Molly though so it was obvious beforehand that Molly would pick it up a lot quicker.

Today I took them both on a seperate walk (I'm considering doing clicker training with Molly on walks soon) I took Molly first as I couldn't take her out the other day because of a loose dog, but today she really made me proad. She didn't see another dog, but she did see a cat and I made her sit and stay till she calmed down from trying to lunge, it worked, but the biggest improvement was I saw an old friend who came up chatting within 2 foot from her and she didn't bark once - a huuuuge improvement from last year when she though everything and anyone from the outside was a threat from her. Her fur did come up a little but usually she goes mad within a few seconds of that and this time she stayed quiet. Jess was as usual lovely to walk, she saw 4 dogs (all smaller) and didn't do anything, so the whole walk was really enjoyable - except when she started lunging at the sight of a cat.

Molly also gave me a nose bleed (and not a little one either), she got really excited about going in the backgarden after a bird and since Jess was already out it seemed to make her go hyper even more, so not wanting her to scare the bird I walked her by the collar to the back of the garden knowing that would get rid of the running and yelping and it did but cos I was knelt down she jumped up to lick me but slightly caught a bone on my nose, blood just started gushing!

I'm now going to look back on youtube to see anymore tricks they can learn, most are silly ones just for us to learn for fun but I am working my way up to the big ones.

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