Monday, 24 May 2010

The Girls In May

We found new woods, they learned to do the figure of 8 round legs, Molly carried on jumping the 6ft, 4in gate, Jess cut her head, they still chase birds, started going to Dunhum again which has made some improvements with their behaviour, they're getting better at walking together on a lead, I spotted Jess pick up a teddy with her mouth, they don't like the heatwaves but they do like the food that comes of the barbeque. They're getting better with people who enter our home, They're struggling to learn leg weaving. Jess weed on a bed, Molly destroyed a mattress, Molly no longer finds people in the street threatening and is getting a lot better at people who stare at her, Jess is still scared of other dogs.

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