Thursday, 1 July 2010


This is one of Jess' pictures from her 'day in the life' series and possibly my favourite :-)
She's such a cutie! In this past week we've seen such a change in Jess' behaviour around the house - she's started to play! I was playing fetch with Molly using a tennis ball when Jess just came up to me with a pink squeeky dog toy, I threw it and she fetched, alone! I was in a state of shock and made sure to praise praise praise!
Molly, waiting for the tennis ball - as usual!
I chose the picture cos I thought Jess in the background made it perfect. Molly completely focused and Jess started to get into the whole playing thing.

On a side note, I'm seriously thinking starting a 365 of one of the dogs. Not both as it would be too much with my own 365. I can't think of which dog to pick first though. I like the idea of doing one on Molly starting on her 2nd birthday and finishing on her 3rd, plus she's so hyper and happy that I could get a variety of pictures. Jess would be harder as she has the same expression inside the house. But since she is improving and starting to play that would also be nice to capture. Hmmm, lots of thinking!

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