Saturday, 10 July 2010

July 2010

Got lots planned for the girls training this month, I may try and tackle their jumping when people come into the house. Jess isn't really the problem with it as she's so light footed but Molly will throw her entire body weight right into your legs when you least expect it.

I really want to get Jess into playing too. We've started buying meat paste to put in their kongs and they both absolutely love them! I'm now just on the hunt to find a wubba.
Leash Training:
I decided to start walking the girls with a harness (because I was sick of wondering if the times they was being good was only because they was so tired through chocking themselves on the collars by pulling), up to now only Molly had been on it but I decided to give Jess ago and see what happens, turns out it was amazing! I really wish I tried it sooner because the second the harness was on not one pull! Not even when we first left the house - which is usually where the worst pull happens. I was wondering if it was a one off but we've now had a few walks with her on the harness and still no pulling. 
Molly on the other hand still pulls (not as much though). The worst thing is because she no longer is pulling on her neck she scream for no reason. I've started leaving the house with salami in my pocket and with that she has finally started to listen to me when I ask her to do things. It's definitely an on going thing with Molly and I can't expect the results I had with Jess, but I will aim for them! 
Jess' Playing:
She's having some improvements, since we bought her a kong she gets extremely excited whenever we go to fill it up and she has recently been seen picking up a pink plastic dog toy and bringing it me to throw to her. She also loves to wrestle Molly whilst holding a teddy.

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