Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Life. Love.

I remeber a quote from Angelina Jolie saying she loved her adopted children more than her biological children because the latter seemed so privlidged from the moment they was born.
Of course I love both my dogs exactly the same but I always assumed you would love your dog more if you had it as a puppy because you would have been the person to raise it. I remember went we went to the dogs home and begging for a puppy instead. But I've found that it's actually quite the opposite and I very much so agree with Angelina's comment.
Molly was born into a family that adored her, played with her when she wanted, fed her twice everyday, walked her everyday, cuddled her when she wanted, she sleeps in her parents human bed, she even got to stay with her doggie mum.
Jess on the otherhand is a mystery but one thing for sure is that she appreciates her forever family!
She's pretty much my shadow. She comes to my bed until I fall asleep and then comes back before I wake the next day. One thing for sure is that she has made me realise although the puppy phase is the cutest, it doesn't affect your overall bond. I can't imagine life without my two girls now.

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