Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The dreaded vet visit

Today the girls had to brace their dreaded vet appointments. Jess is considerably worse than Molly at coping under such amount of stress and refused to go anywhere near the table, she's such a cutie!

The vet was really good about it and did it on the floor for her, first was the booster injection which was over in no time, second the kennel cough vaccination which was a liquid in a syringe that was inserted by squirting it up their nostrils - Molly hardly flinched at this but Jess reacted as if she was threw into a lake and about to drown.

Jess also had two of her nails trimmed, this for most dogs isn't a huge deal but with Jess it's her biggest fear of all. It took her months to let us hold or touch her paws in anyway, so trimming the nails are a big no-no!
She handled it as well as she could and I'm so proud of my little puffin!

We also got Molly weighed - through some comments on her getting a bit large around the mid section!
She has put on weight since last year - she's now slightly under 22kg! But the vet said she wasn't yet classed as obese but it would be an idea to keep an eye out on her build.

I'm absolutely dreading putting the girls in a kennels for a week! They've never been to one before (and I certainly will never put them in one again) and I'm absolutely dreading how they're going to cope.
I found a really nice one though, and because of where we adopted Jess I decided to splash almost my whole monthly wage on putting them in the 'luxury suite' which includes they're own personal indoor & outdoor area, at least 3 walks a day, a visit to the day creche & a human bed for them to get cosy on. This picture is the only thing that will get me to enjoy my holiday!

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