Monday, 16 January 2012

Molly's back to being Molly!

After so many vet visits (I've actually lost count how many times we were there) me and Molly are officially done with them :-)

We had one emergency visit in the middle of it as she some how, we think possibly with the help of Jess, pulled out her 8 inch tube. I came home from work at 5:10pm and was rushing around trying to get ready for my driving lesson which was at 5:30pm, in the process of running round the house getting myself sorted I went up to see Molly as unusually she didn't come to greet me at the door. That was when I saw it. The tube looked similar to a white balloon, the bit that you blow in was supposed to be just falling out of her chest but somehow the entire thing had been pulled out of her body. I screamed for my mum, I was running out of time and I ran straight for the phone to call the vet. They didn't calm me as once I told them what happened they replied "bring her in as soon as you can, no appointment necessary, we'll see her! 

I couldn't cancel my driving lesson though, so I dropped the two hour lesson to one hour and my parents rushed her to the vet. It was very possible she'd be put in for another operation but thankfully things had healed a little quicker than expected and the vet said she could have taken off. Thank goodness!

Other than that it was appointment every other day to check progress. She was on a cream and two tablets per day (which I had to sneak in her meals as she really didn't like them).

But on Saturday the vet said it was time to take the stitches out and that was it. No more vet appointments!

She's gradually got more and more like Molly throughout the recovery period. She seemed to like the cone as she would hit everyone in their knees so no one stood in her way and she's now so crazy it's like nothing ever happened. I'm looking forward to taking some 52 week pictures outdoors as indoor light is pretty rubbish so things are on the UP!

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  1. What NAUGHTY girls to REMOVE Molly's TUBE!! :-(
    Those sort of things ALWAYS occur at the WRONG TIME.... :-}
    But.... NO MORE VET VISITS!! Yay!! ;-D
    I am LOOKING FORWARD to seeing some OUTDOOR pictures!! ;op