Wednesday, 20 June 2012

real life #1

I'm going to start writing on my "real life" posts, little snippets about what has been going on in our lives... things I want to remember. 

1. We was at our wildlife walk on the weekend and I was walking both dogs with one hand, I wasn't paying attention when Molly spotted and ran for a squirrel, because I wasn't ready her leash went straight out of my hand and she went off running, I shouted "STAY" and oh my goodness, the little monster turned angel actually sat down in a perfect stay command until I could catch up and pick her lead up!! Such a good girl. She's never done that before :-)

2. Molly has recently been obsessed with playing with a skipping rope, she seems to think it's the greatest tug toy ever haha. Both handles fell off within 30 minutes and even though I've tried to hide it she always seems to dig it out. 

3. Jess bess has been helping me in the front garden, off leash, whist I get grown up boring stuff done. She literally stands with me wagging her tail and then when I'm done putting rubbish out etc, she has a run on the grass. This may not sound like much, but we have no gate at our front garden area and there are many other dogs/ wildlife where I live, so she's being a very good pup!

4. I had lunch at home from work yesterday, Jess was sat next to me hoping for a piece of food, I shouted for Molly and she wouldn't come, I went to search for her and found her sunbathing on the outdoor furniture haha. 

Lol she looks so annoyed here - she had spotted a rabbit and didn't want to pose! 


  1. You have adorable, good girls!! But.... Do not forget to remember the negative "bad dog" memories, as well!! Why? Because life is a combination of both good AND bad!! ;op

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