Wednesday, 25 July 2012

windows to mac

I must apologise for my lack of good posts/blogging lately. I've just transferred from my trusty Windows Laptop to the famous Apple Mac and Oh My Goodness, I never thought they could be so different haha. I'm still trying to figure out where I save pictures from and so many other things, however I'm definitely improving! Has anyone else got a Mac with a few tips to share to a newbie?? haha.

Anywho's, a blog post wouldn't be much without talking about Jess and Molly so here's a little update on the cuties -

Jess got training with a little cat today, I'm actually thinking she'd be really good at co-existing with a kitty as she doesn't seem fazed by them at all. Although that could be different if it was in her house.

We're still working on the car stuff, we now have a game where she's in the car and I'm sat outside throwing treats in and she will look in the car for it, it seems to make her relax more there and I'm hoping things like that + the thunder shirt are going to make her a little less stressed/vocal when we're driving!

Molly saw a JRT today in her training, she kind of freaked out a little (this is the breed of dog that bady attacked her in January and she can be very on edge when they're around). She was fine after a few minutes and would listen to my commands, but she never took her eye of that little dog! We're going to work on that, I hate seeing her stressed but I can't take her out in the hope we don't see a certain breed of dog so we need to work on it.

We've also started on a new type of food. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it here but one of my biggest fears are my girls developing bloat (this is what can kill your dogs in less than 6 hours and knowing the symptoms is life & death). You can probably call me paranoid about it and yes, I have symptoms files saved on my old laptop (crackers I know). The one thing that was really interesting that I heard was it saying that a dog on a high protein diet very rarely gets it, I wasn't happy with standard dog food tins so found a 100% mince meat in various flavours (beef, chicken etc) all I have to do is add other bits to make it a meal, yesterday they had mince with spinach, and it gives recommendations of things to add, such as apples, rice etc.
I'm hoping with the new diet I don't have to worry about them not have a more meaty diet. It's fairly cheap too (I can't remember the brand but will find it for another post).

Last part of my ramble, I've noticed a few of my favourite doggie bloggers do a wordless Wednesday post, I'm thinking of doing the same starting next week to make me a more consistent blogger (& we all know I take too many pictures of J&M haha).

Sorry for the no picture post today... I'm reading up on the Mac as we speak so shouldn't be too long before I figure out what I'm doing!


  1. Good for Jess to resist that cat!! You must be so proud of her!! However, you are correct. Resisting a cat and living with one are two completely different scenarios!! ;)
    Oooh, your treat tossing game sounds like fun!! And effective!! I could use this.... Provided that Rose ever has any car issues, which she does not!! ;-}
    I am sorry that Molly is traumatized by her experience with that Jack Russell Terrier. Fear, although not impossible, seems difficult to solve with dogs. Be patient. And good luck!! ;->
    Are Molly and Jess medium sized dogs? Or large? Because I have read that large, barrel-chested dogs are more susceptible to bloat that medium-sized canines.... If memory serves me right, and I think it does in this case!! What have you heard regarding this fact? ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

    1. Hi Raelyn, I think you're right about barrel chested dogs being more suspect able, both my girls are medium so hopefully we'll never have to experience it :-)

  2. I made the Windows to Mac transition about a year ago. My son had to teach me how to use it....I couldn't figure out how to right click. haha. For photos - my Mac imports them to iPhoto. I can't figure out where exactly it stores them, so I export the pictures from iPhoto and save them in a folder that I created on the desktop. Then when I want to upload them somewhere, I know where to find them. Hope this helps. Feel free to message me if you have more questions. I'll be glad to help (or pass the question on to my son!). Best of luck with the Mac. I really like it but it's just different enough from a Windows PC to be totally frustrating at first.

    1. Thank you so much for the advice :-) I'm going to go through iPhoto and have a look around. I have to say most things up to now are so simple I just didn't think of it and I briefly visited my windows laptop and just couldn't stand it lol!

  3. That's the only think keeping me from switching to MAC. I don't feel like re-learning everything LOL. I hope you make some progress soon. Sounds like the pups are already making progress.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I know exactly what you mean :-) it took me years to finally decide to change over & the relearning thing was definitely SO much harder than I thought haha. I do love it though and gradually getting more comfortable with it.

  4. We switched to a Mac several years ago and will never go back. The main thing is to relax, let go of what you learned with windows, and let the Mac do all the work.

    I worry about bloat too, given two large dogs. I am always careful about exercise for a good hour after eating and I watch their water consumption after walks as well. I don't take water away, but if I see them guzzling, I do try to distract them. Mango, especially is such a water gulper. Ish.

    Mango Momma

    1. That is such a good tip about relaxing! I find the biggest thing is that apple make things so much more simpler/faster than Windows that I'm thinking there must be more to it and always second guessing. Definitely have to relax :-)

      I've only ever heard horror stories of bloat so I'm the same with walks and making sure they do not eat around there excerising time! Gosh, the whole things sounds like a nightmare for any dog owner!