Saturday, 29 September 2012

4th Gotcha Day

Yesterday was my Jessie's 4th Gotcha day! 
 4 Years as my little pup & 4 years as a best friend. 

It's been a crazy journey up to now, we have gone from cat crazy to dog mad, we've climbed mountains, travelled, learnt tricks, had puppies, got Jess playing with toys, gone on amazing walks, gone on very stressful walks and made our own little pack. 

Unfortunately Jess's birthday fell on a work day so we didn't get to do everything we had originally planned, however, that means her birthday has to be 2 days long instead of the 1 ha ha. 

She got her pressies once I got home from work, today we went on our walkies, we had planned our special plato walk, however, with all the floods recently, my girls were almost swimming to get through the entrance path and my knee high hunter wellies were very close to over-flowing! So we ended up having to do our usual walk instead. It was still fun though and we made the most of it :-)

Girlies are getting Chicken breast, potato and carrots for dinner tonight... like I said, we're still celebrating!

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