Saturday, 22 December 2012

Frantic finds

I know I've mentioned before about Molly having an obsession with finding things to hold in her mouth when she's excited, but today's made me laugh so thought I'd post it :-)

I came home from pets at home after finally buying the dogs a few things for Christmas, we was low on our flea and tick treatment so at the same time I bought a set of frontline to tie us over for a few months. Soon as I got in I hid the toys (Molly found a toy I had bought a few weeks ago when I was out so had to get more toys!) but left the flea treatment in the bag and just went to say hello to the girls. As always excitement followed and Molly stuck her head in, grabbed the box of frontline and ran round the room with them haha.

I'm now off work (bar 4 hours of karaoke and quiz time on Monday) until Jan 2nd, so lots of time with my pups and were looking up a new trick to learn today! :-D

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