Sunday, 27 January 2013

phew... pictures, babies and an injury

I got the sweetest comment from our friend, Raelyn today so pushed this post forward!

Lately things have been so busy, I photographed my first official wedding on Friday, our family is expecting it's first baby (Not mine but an immediate family member) and Molly got hurt on today's walk so is out of business for a few days whilst her paw heals. 

So back to the baby business, I'm in the middle of researching lots on how to mingle dogs and babies, our family is currently adult only so it is definitely going to be a huge change to our life, and that goes for Jess and Molly's too! I really want them to be the best of friends so I want to do it all right... if anyone has any tips on dogs/babies please do let me know!! I'm taking as much info in as possible.

Today, Molly went a little too over excited whilst playing fetch and when we got back in the car on our way home I noticed she was licking her paw, knowing my pup as well as I do, I knew that meant only one thing... she had injured herself. Once we got home I noticed she has taken a layer off skin off her paw pad and it was bleeding enough that it needed the first aid box/ bathing. She's out of action now until I see it's healing but she is definitely feeling sorry for herself!


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  1. Aww, I hope Molly's paw heals soon. Give her lots of hugs and treats!