Friday, 1 November 2013

birthday dramas

So... Jess's 5th Gotcha day didn't end as well as I had wanted. It's took me a while to write this because I was worried I would write that everything was good and then we would have a relapse, however since it's been over a month I figured it was now fairly safe to talk about.

About 20 minutes after we arrived home from her birthday walkies, she was lay on the kitchen floor, when she stood up her legs went a bit funny and she was glazed over in the eyes and looked very dazed... she tried to walk a few steps and collapsed in our hallway, all of her legs went! And it was a horrific moment to witness! She tried to stand up but was so glazed over, her head was on the floor and her bum was in the air and her body was so tensed up it was as if she couldn't get out of the position even if she wanted to.

After 5-10 minutes she had calmed down enough and then was back to normal, however I was so scared by this point that she was rushed to the emergency vet for a check up.

They took blood samples which shown one of her livers were slightly out but that wasn't a concern... they couldn't actually find what was wrong! After explaining what happened to my little puffin, the vet said it sounded as if she had had a fit. They gave us a doggie epi pen (this was a syringe of diazepam which we was told to put up her bum if she had another fit, it would relax her body and help her get out of the fit quicker). Thankfully, we never needed it!

I took her to my usual vet about a week later for a check up, they gave us some tablets but told us not to use them unless she has another fit and to see how she gets on. I'm so thankful she hasn't had another one *touch wood*, I never want to see her like that again!

My Jess Bess is my hard as nails pup. She is rarely sick and I know she can handle herself under the most pressurised situations (hello, this is my rescue dog! She's done time inside ;)) so it was even more horrific to see. It's a bit like seeing a relative who has always been big and strong all of a sudden get very fragile and sick... not nice!

The thing that kept cropping up with both vets was the possibility of it being epilepsy, but only time will tell and then we would have to send her in for brain scans and she would be on medication for the rest of her life... but we will cross that bridge if we ever have to face it! For now, my Jess has returned to her big and strong side, and I love it :)

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