Sunday, 3 November 2013


1. I'm getting stuck into a new crime book, first crime novel I've ever read so it's different but good 

2. Molly and Jess have the same exact look when they're telling me it's bedtime! 

3. Donut head :) we're having to have a bit of indoor play dates at the moment because of the rain being so heavy and it being so dark. We're coming up with ideas to get us through winter though! 

4. A dogs life! Rolling in front of the fire on a fluffy mat 

5. I was getting ready to go to spooky world, which is a Halloween themed park where actors run after you with pretend chainsaws... Jess thought she was coming and was thoroughly disappointed when she realised dogs were not allowed ;) 

6. Jess in a box :) she kinda goes camouflage with it haha 

7. A poplular dog spot in our house! 

8. My own snack after an afternoon date with my dad. I like the heart in the hot chocolate :) 

9. I slept out on the Saturday and came home to this little monkey lying on my blanket which was thrown across the floor! 

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