Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The very best of friends.

I've been going through a pretty hard and stressful time lately, the scariest and most stressful moments I've probably had to deal with at the point in my life, decisions and ultimations constantly being thrown at me and I have been struggling to cope. 

What do you do when the person you love is treating you like the enemy? And you either retaliate or you lie down and do what they ask but live a life unhappy and being taken advantage of. 

Well... I'm a bit of both really! I can definitely bite back but when does it get to the point where you can't go on in that situation anymore?

This post has a point, I promise! 

For the past 14 months I have put this person I love as my number one priority! When we rowed, I would be so down that I didn't have the energy to walk my precious girls. Said person would come number one when we getting along and not getting along. And they knew that!

Not anymore! It has took a long, exhausting road for me to figure out where my priority should always be. My girls need me, for food, for walkies, for playtime, for the good of their health... in so many ways, they are my children! They cannot do it themselves! What happens when you are with someone who is jealous of the time and energy I give my girls... and that is when I'm not doing half as much as I would like to do with them! 

My girls - my number 1 priority, now and always! 

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  1. Any relationship has to allow room for our dogs!!