Sunday, 21 September 2014

a dog roll

Jess is an avid dog roller. poop, worms, mud, grass... it's all good in her books!

A funny story on this is when I was SO excited her ditzypet collar came in the post. It's a beautiful pink floral collar that I just think suited my perfect princess to a T.

Little did I remember her rolling habit, the one boyish trait she carries!

First run on the field with her brand spanking new collar on and Jess finds the sloppiest poop on the field... and rolls right in to it!

Now I'm fairly used to this and Jess has rolled in poop before.. but not to this extent! There was loads of it and it went everywhere. So much so that she was banned from the car and was forced to walk home with my Dad and then marched straight up for a shower when she got home.

Mucky Pup.... that should be her new nickname!

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