Friday, 12 September 2014

Finding the positive in the heartbreak.

September 11th 2014.
7:30pm GMP time.
One youth almost destroyed one of the most amazing charities in the world.

I'm so heartbroken to hear about Manchester Dogs Home getting burnt to the ground, somewhere between 43 - 60 dogs have died. I'm not sure of the exact amount as the carnage is still on going, different reports have different numbers. One thing is a definite though, one teenager did a stupid act that murdered at least 43 beautiful dogs.

I'm so upset about this because Manchester Dogs Home was where I found my gorgeous, Jess!

She was in the second kennel as you first walk in, it's the second kennel however it's directly in front of you as you walk through the door.

I can't stop thinking whether that cage was one where dogs would have died.

I pray to God they died through the smoke... before the fire got near them.

I refuse to watch any videos that have been floating about the Internet, I've read it none stop for the past 24 hours and one thing that sticks in my head is that residents who live near the dogs home said once they spotted the smoke, they heard all those dogs yelping like crazy. Desperate screams. I cannot bear to hear that.

I remember so vividly seeing my Jess in that exact dogs home, the one that is now burnt so badly that the roof fell in.

Jess was there... and so many dogs just like her died in the most devastating way.

My girls mean the world to me. They make me smile on the days I am at my lowest, they push me to get out of my house and off my bed when all I've wanted to do was curl in to a ball and sleep my life away. They made me better in so many ways. They are my best friends and I love them, more than I will ever love most humans. They have never been 'dogs' to me, but friends... part of my family just as much as my parents, brothers, sister in laws and niece. We are a pack!

Having said that, I know that when the day comes and I lose my precious girls, through the heartbreak I know I will feel, the one thing that will soothe me will be knowing that my girls have had an amazing, happy life which was full of love. They have climbed mountains, ran in the lake district, climbed the sand dunes on Welsh beaches, go for a run every day, get birthday and Christmas celebrations..... most of all, they are loved more than some people ever experience.

Those poor dogs that died yesterday. That died in the most horrific way... had a life like I remember Jess had when I first brought her home.

They are scared, alone, neglected....... they never got there happy ending and I find that truly soul destroying. Every dog deserves what my Jess and Molly have. A home with a warm bed, a loving family and a good meal every day.

On to the positives......

In 24 hours from the arson, I have seen how amazing people really are.

24 Hours it took for people to raise over £1million for Manchester Dogs Home. I donated money soon as I could and will be giving in some of the girls leads/collars/coats that they don't need anymore.

The current Just Giving website is HERE. Please please donate. £1. $1. Anything to help.

More on the amazing man power that has tried to help those poor dogs is HERE. This is an article from the Daily Mail Online. It shows the rescued dogs now settling in the sister charity Cheshire Dogs Home. It shows the volunteers and it shows the amazing amounts of what people have donated.

Truly amazing work done by animal and dog lovers.

To the teenager who signed the death warrant to those poor innocent dogs... you are a disgusting 'human'. I can't hate him too much though as most of my amazing City are calling for his name. He will be hated to the extreme where I am assuming he will need protection from the police. I have never seen people rally together like I have over the last 24 hours, the love they have to help those animals and they hate they feel toward a boy who caused it all.

I had to write about this as I can't stop thinking about it. What those dogs went through. So for any dog owners that may read this.... hug your puppies tight and give them an extra treat. They are precious, each and every one of them!

Below is some pictures I have found, I will only post a couple as I'm sure they're easy to find online, but think of those gorgeous dogs who have left us too soon, before being given there chance to grow!

This is a survivor who went to Cheshire Dogs Home for safety. Beautiful Pup who has seen too much. 

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