Monday, 9 November 2009

Introducing Molly.

Molly - the mad one.

Just turned one on halloween. Jess' puppy.
We had no idea Jess was pregnant when we bought her, she was so underweight, all you saw was her ribs. But she gained weight... fast. And very soon it came obvious she was expecting.

Molly was the last puppy to be born and the only puppy Jess delivered perfectly - the other pups needed our assistance to get the sac of their faces to let them breathe. She was a right little cutie!

A very shy pup, definitely the quietist. But as soon as the other puppies got to there new home a light switched in Molly and she turned to be the complete opposite to what she was. She's now loud, extremely playful and seems to have absolutely no fears - nothing like her baby self who was frightened of stairs!

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