Monday, 9 November 2009

Introducing Jess.

Jess - my special rescue doggie.

Adopted at 9 months old - she's now about to turn 2.
She's a x staffie and an absolute softie.
She doesn't quite know how to play - you can buy her the best dog toys around and she'll look at you as if she has no idea what to do. Apparently it's because it's most likely no one bothered to play with her as a puppy and through that she just doesn't understand how to play. She adores the outdoors though, and I wish lived on a farm completely for her - she would love it!
She had been found walking the streets, we're guessing someone just dumped her and somewhere in the 9 months before she made it to our home, she had some of the 'toes' in her paws broken and they're now perminintely deformed. She has quite a few scars that fur will not cover aswell. But all this just makes her even more special and I'm glad that I know now she'll never be hurt the way she has been again.

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