Monday, 9 November 2009

My first blog :D

My first blog, all the pictures I get as I'm trying to get better at photography. They will most likely all be of my 2 monsters, Jess & Molly - the dogs. I've never been a person to have a certain ambition in the job industry, I simply want to work for money nothing else. But I do have one thing I'm passionate about - rescue animals! I've always absolutely loved animals, and always felt more sad when I saw a pet get hurt in the movies rather than people - so with that I'm hoping one day to get some sort of job going in a rescue shelter.

I've always owned pets in my life, ranging from pet birds to snakes. But I grew up with a certain cat mainly :). My constant companion through my life, until he sadly passed away in september 2008 from a brain tumour. I couldn't handle not having a pet in the house so shortly after we adopted a 9 month old x staff from our local rescue shelter that we called Jess. She had a horrible life up until the point we brought her home and I'm extremely glad we picked her.

Unknowingly, when we did bring her home she was already 4 weeks pregnant. We assume she got caught when she was walking the streets but we'll never know the whole story.
Just under 4 weeks after we adopted her, she gave birth - on halloween.
and after falling in love with all her puppies, we let her keep one.... Molly.

Both dogs are complete and absolute opposites. But we love them just the same.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." - Josh Billings

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