Saturday, 6 March 2010

facts on Molly;

1. She's a very talented jumper and has at times jumped over 6 foot to get into the next door neighbors garden to play with their tennis balls.

2. Her favorite toy is a sock. No matter how many great dog toys we buy her, she will always come up to us with a sock in her mouth and her paw up asking to play.

3. She loves Jess more than anything and will follow her around all day and protect her whenever she gets frightened.

4. She licks us constantly!

5. She hates being on a lead! Ever since her second walk she was taken off the lead for a free run, so now whenever she's forced to have it on she yelps.

6. She loves to sit in the middle of the stairs. Not the top or the bottom, but right in the centre... same step every time.

7. If you show her the halti (that controls her pulling whilst on the lead) she will try to bite it before it can be put on her. 

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