Saturday, 6 March 2010

5 facts about jess;

1. She's sly! She spent over a year fooling us into thinking she couldn't jump so Molly got the blame for a lot of things until one day I found her in a room blocked off by a baby gate which I couldn't figure out, I then left the hallway and heard her jump over it.

2. She rarely plays with us humans. But does enjoy a good game of chase and a play fight with Molly.

3. She loves people and will suck up to new people in the house.

4. If someone gets under a quilt she will run over to join in! She's now got cheeky enough to just paw herself under even if no one is under the blanket.

5. She hates cars! Or well she gets too excited for her walk that she spends the whole car journey screaming. 

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