Saturday, 25 September 2010

September 2010

My darling girls have had quite a month - I'm now working full time so the girls are having to adjust to life without having me on hand all day. I'm missing them dradfully but thankfully the job placement is 10 minutes from the front door which means I'm home for lunch to have a cuddle session. The good thing about having a job now is payday, other than driving there's nothing I want more than to get a proffesional dog trainer come to the house and help me with my problems in making the girls more confident when they see other dogs in the street and I think I've found one! It's £25 but they come to your house for over an hour which is exactly what we need. Unfortunately payday isn't till October so it'll be a bit of a wait but I'm keeping the number handy.

Other news from the month, me and Jess are no longer going on our 2 a day 2 block walk through the fact we got attacked by a British bullterrier, we was OK, luckily the owner ran out and held on to his dog but I was shaking like a leaf, the fact is if the owner didn't come out the dog would have started a fight with Jess and there is no way she would be able to win a fight with that breed of dog. Kinda knocked my confidence with dog walking but hopefully one day it'll just be a matter of walking them to the dog park.

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