Monday, 3 January 2011

The tale of meeting Ruby...

Molly has never been a socialised dog, she loves Jess and that's about it for the animal kind. The first time she ever met another dog it was a stray gypsy dog who was chasing her mum, she got scared and has since hated the sight of other dogs.
Today we took on the challenge on getting Molly to meet Ruby.
The location is somewhere both dogs love and at first meet it wasn't as bad as we all expected. The first sniff she got a little uncomfortable but after around 5 minutes or so she completely settled down - she still hated the sight of every other dog being walked but Ruby was no longer considered a threat and she happily walked by her side till the very end, she even copied the places where Ruby sniffed and allowed her to have a smell without getting bothered. Everyone there was in complete shock. It's the first time she's ever completely been happy in another dogs company and I think she can learn a lot from being in Ruby's company.
We now just have to plan the next trip!

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