Monday, 3 January 2011

The tale of the beach dog...

on January 2nd 2011 Jess ran on the beach for the first time in her life (we assume).
My brother, sister in law and I decided to take her on a bit of an adventure - Jess being the most well trained out of the two dogs, was chosen to go as we knew it would be full of other dogs and small children, and we was right!

At first she cried so much a lady with a Labrador laughed at her but after seeing more dogs than she'd seen it months she soon calmed down and just started to enjoy it.
She loved running on the sand but wasn't too sure of the wet parts but once she got her paws wet and got over the initial shock you couldn't stop her running through them - although the shore itself was a bit too far (it is January after all).
Her favourite parts were sprinting up and down the beach, don't think I've ever seen her run that fast before and she looked so happy!
Then finally before going home we went up the sand dunes which for me was absolutely tiring.
Jess found it more than easy getting up though. My only worry was the jellyfish that got stuck in the sand.

The next day Jess even got to have a run round the Cheshire countryside in Bollington, I didn't go as I was on Molly's adventure and no pictures was taken but she sure came home sleepy after running all day.

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