Wednesday, 11 May 2011

a new beginning

So after a over a 3 month hiatus I've decided to start blogging the crazy life of my girls.

I stopped as I wanted one blog where I could write about everything but in reality the dogs are huge parts of my life and I didn't want to make the other one completely about dogs yet couldn't press delete on this one.

So I'm going to get going, I wrote on this here and there before but in reality the girls are up to mischief every day so it's the perfect place to post about it.

Too show the girls are back here's a few pictures of the little devils :)

We've started doing some agility tricks :)
Jess is picked it up a lot quicker that I thought.

We watched the Royal wedding...  it was amazing!
Enjoying the bank holidays playing with relatives in the garden.

We got a doggie cook book
and I've started the mission of getting pictures of both of them together! Bloody difficult goal too!

We also had a trip to the beach that was fantastic. Both girls were very well behaved, Molly loved swimming... Jess did not. It unfortunately ended with Molly hurting her foot which meant I was £60 lighter the next day at the vets but it was worth it.

Glad to be back.

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