Saturday, 4 June 2011


The heat seems to have made a return appearance to Britain! (Starting to think our summer was well and truly over).

The girls started their usual weekend walk at the field then as it was so warm me & Jess brought the camera to the back garden.

The mixture of the sun, garden & Jess is a time for her to get a bit silly (not much like the usual indoor Jess) where as Poor Molly takes to the opposite. The heat on her black fur just gets too much and she finds lying on the wood floor in the house much more pleasant.

Jess loves being outside when it's warm, she has a dig behind the bushes, finds stuff to roll in, kicks up the grass... it definitely brings out a part of her character she wouldn't show otherwise.

It never seems right seeing Jess have so much fun outdoors when Molly is indoors looking out so after reading a great idea in 'Your Dog' Magazine I decided to try it out.

I got an old balaclava (suitably pink), wet it with cold water, scrunched it to stop it dripping & then tied it to her called to keep her cool. It seemed to work for a while too, she got the energy to get in the garden for a game of tug & fetch.

We even found the perfect opportunity to have the doggie ice cream recipe :)

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