Thursday, 19 May 2011

An encounter

So today, I was walking home from work on my usual route when I saw a man walking his two dogs.

He was obviously training them which is fantastic and made me smile. But then mid-way the dog pulled him, I have to admit when my dogs pull me it's frustrating and can hurt but when the man turned round yelling and then kicked his dog full power in its stomach I stood there shocked!

It made me think if someone can treat there dog with such anger and aggression in broad daylight and in full view of people, how are they treating them in the privacy of their own home.

The dogs seemed so well behaved too, a little happy and hyper but nothing worth a yelling - never mind a kicking!

But what is one to do when they spot something like this, something they feel so strongly about yet are too scared to say it to the person doing something so disgusting. It's definitely a touchy subject, I would be forcing myself to have a bust up with a stranger in the street.. one with two dogs who although weren't being shown any respect did love there owner. I didn't even have a phone on me, so against everything going on in my head I carried on walking with only a dirty glare headed in the mans direction.

I'm not one for confrontation (at all). I'm one of those people who say "yes" so much there screaming "no, no, NO"... I'm too nice, I never want to hurt any one's feelings and although I have no idea what I could have done, I feel I should have done something!

So to end this somewhat depressing post I'm going to show a grubby iPhone picture that I just love.
The dog on the left shows one of the few lucky one's that took there first breath surrounded by a family that will love, respect & appreciate them until they take their last.

And the dog on the right shows one that eventually found the kind of home all dogs should be given...
a happy one.

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