Monday, 19 September 2011

Upcoming celebrations

Ok, I'm not going to lie... I am so excited to celebrate Jess' 3rd adoption day next week! :-)
Unfortunately, it looks like I'll be going back to work on monday, so I'll be in work 9-5 on her special day. To make up for this though she will hopefully get a special walk and will absolutely definitely getting lots of special treats!

Basic obedience - I ask the girls to "stay" whilst taking them off the lead. Molly has perfected it and will wait in excitement till I squeal "free", Jess on the other hand is bloody stubborn and chooses she no longer listens to anyone when she has the option to run and search for rabbits.
I'm happy to report Molly is 100% back to normal. Fetching is number one priority and the back garden phobia is practically non existent. I'm very happy by this as she's my bonkers crazy pup. I enjoy having such different dogs, balances it quite well in terms of personalities.

Jess has also made me very proud.
Usually when visitors come to the door we put the dogs in the side room which drives Jess crazy as she's very nosy. Yesterday though, my uncle, who Jess hasn't really seen before came to the door, before we had chance Jess was running straight up to the door but with no barks and just wagged her tail looking for some strokies. I really need to trust her a lot more and realise she's so much more ahead of Molly when it comes to training. Definitely not fair to treat them the same.

Now this is admittedly an incredibly bad picture on technical terms but it makes me laugh SO much!! Surely that's a reason to make it a keeper and to post it on here. Running free is when the crazy side of Jess really comes out, she's so funny!

Next time I'll write will probably be with Jess' birthday pictures.
Excitement all around :-)

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