Thursday, 15 September 2011

Turning that frown upside down

After writing yesterday I thought I'd update how much happier Molly is today.

If I'm honest as soon as we woke up she seemed in a much happier mood but I stuck with my plan and since it was a surprisingly beautiful day we spent some time in the garden with toys and treats - as it was a tennis ball Jess wasn't interested in the slightest so we got some Moll & Me time.

We played, did some tricks and then went in the front for a bit of training (with Jess).
Both girls we're great although it is still slightly stressful that both girls are at such different stages in their obedience.

Jess doesn't really need much, she's always in submission to me and trusts me completely, the only problem is she gets excited and pulls on the lead. Molly on the other hand gets distracted so easily and stops listening and needs a few more corrections, so training them together can sometimes be a little frustrating as I don't know if I'm doing right with one dog or wrong with the other.

Afterwards the girls got to go for a run on one of the nicest wooded areas we have - I was actually shocked because I couldn't understand why we hadn't been there for almost a year.

Leash training needs serious work after they've been in the car (when they just walk without a car ride first they can walk to heel for the whole thing, but if a car ride is involved they turn so hyperactive and end up trying to rip my arm off) but they had so much fun running and exploring.

Both dogs got an extra special doggie dinner and me & Molly are now in bed, me typing, her snoring!
I'm glad my Boll is back.

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