Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Homemade Diet

I've been umming and ahhing for a while but I'm now starting to put the wheels in motion and make the girls a homemade diet. Jess in particular has been a pain to feed over the years. She will refuse to eat dog food and just when I think I've found her a brand that she likes she'll get bored and I will physically have to lure her into eating something.

On the other hand she has never ever refused a cooked meal, but I suppose I was too lazy to really do that. Not anymore though!

Being a long time vegetarian I do worry about cooking their meat, not because of moral reasons (I will not make my dogs vegetarians) but because it's been so long I'm not sure how to cook it and I don't want to make them ill.

I'm still going to give it a go though, I'll buy all the ingredients, cook what I can and my mum has agreed to teach me how to cook the meat.

update: both girls have been on the cooked diet a few days now and I have never seen Jess so excited for dinner time in all her 3 years of being with us - she actually sits in the beg position, without being asked, until her dish is on the floor ready for eating, so I'm thinking it's quite successful!


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