Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Post 100 & Bedtime snuggles

For a long time this blog has been set on the private setting.
A few days ago, I re-read every single post I had written about my dogs and it brought back memories that otherwise would be long gone. Little memories that are from insignificant days.

That's what I love about blogging and about my dog blog.
A dogs average lifespan is around 13-15 years. Both my girls are roughly 3 - Molly just about to turn it and Jess isn't too far off 4. This blog, by writing small stories of their life means I remember so much more about the good and bad days. The training, obedience, tricks, diets... everything and I love it.

This is post 100 and as I don't normally "toot my own horn" so to speak, I have to say that looking back I've got a heck of a lot better at doggie pictures. I remember back then I was so proud of some pictures that I now think is technically awful - but that's the brilliance of photography, the more you take the better you get. I can't wait to see the pictures I'm going to take in their life span.
hard to believe my little one is 3 soon!

also safe to say I'm having a B&W phase :-)
As my brother has recently moved into her first house I got to take his room! My weekend was taken up with painting, my mum's was taken up with wallpapering and I spent far too much on new wardrobes but we're finally in. The first night was a bit iffy, the girls was confused why I wasn't in my old room and was in and out and on and off the bed more times than I could count (and I was working the next day) but it's got a lot easier and they now seem to like their new room just as much as I do!

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  1. Your dog photos are wonderful. Of course you have some great subjects.

    Mango Momma