Sunday, 16 October 2011

Motivation Differances

For a long time I've really enjoyed clicker training the girls, Jess has always been the one to flourish whilst Molly would get bored within minutes and walk out the room choosing to ignore the treats handed out once she completes the trick.

Jess would do just about anything for a piece of cheese and most tricks would be conquered in the first few times and as all the books state food is the way for dogs to enjoy clicker training I started to think maybe Molly just wasn't the intellegent type of dog to be trick dog.

That was until a few weeks ago. As it was just me and Molly I decided to ask for a basic trick before every throw of a tennis ball and as she did it I'll click. She was incredible! She's now learnt tricks Jess hasn't and the enthusiam I get from her is just amazing - she seems to have so much fun, could play for hours and best of all, as soon as I pick up the clicker she looks so alert and happy and ready to train!

She's really doing well and now even Jess will do tricks to have a toy thrown (I know a TOY!!!). Of course, just like Molly does with food, she looses interest much sooner than she does when I have food but whilst clicker training Jess will actually play for an hour with a toy! I thought that would never happen!!

It's quite obvious that there is far of Molly in the pictures I took on yesterdays run. This is because Molly is always around me when the chuck-it is out to play and Jess is off running and searching for rabbits/ squirrels to chase.

I also bought Jess her new winter coat today. Molly has one from last year so now they have one each that should hopefully keep them warm in the winter months. I may even make them model them for pictures :-)

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