Sunday, 6 November 2011

Molly is THREE!!

Last Monday we celebrated Molly's third birthday! I'm still in shock my puppy is 3!

I was working on her birthday as it fell on a Monday but through the clocks going forwards I woke up an hour before I usually do so we had extra time opening presents and playing a good game of fetch.

I was most excited about a new Frisbee I had bought her. She's never really played with one before, we do have one but it's plastic so she never really bothers with it. I had hoped that as this was a soft but sturdy rubber she would like to finally play with it and I was right! She absolutely loves it but I can't leave her alone with it as she'll sit there chewing through it.

She got quite a few presents and of course she's now stocked up with bouncy/ squeaky/ tennis balls, so she's a pretty happy pup at the moment.

and of course, she also received her rawhide birthday cake :-)


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  1. Happy Birthday! Three years old means you are all grown up now for sure. What a wonderful surprise to get a whole extra hour in the day just for YOU!