Monday, 30 January 2012

The DNA test

I took the almighty plunge and have done a DNA test on Molly. 

It's not something I've done on a whim. I've been thinking about this for well over 6 months. Last week, I finally bought it and on Saturday the swabs and directions arrived at my house. I had to wait a few hours after she had eaten as we didn't want food on the swabs rather than cells so for that reason I did it just before bed. 

I did two swabs, one on each cheek and then placed them back in the pre-paid envelope so they could get the results at the lab. I posted them on Sunday and at the very latest they should receive them tomorrow. Then within 3 weeks, I'll know what my unique little mixed breed is. 

The good thing is that, by testing Molly, I'll be finding out what Jess is too! The test will come back in a family tree like format and I'm so excited for the results. 

I predict the following breeds make my Molly up from mum and dad - 

* Staffordshire Bull Terrier
* Labrador
*Whippet like breed

They're the one's I'm thinking could be high possibilities... knowing me though, the results will return back to me with none of the above on it ha ha. 


  1. Oooh!! Keep me posted!! Keep me POSTED!! I am BURSTING with EXCITEMENT to find out what "breed" Molly is!! ;op

  2. haha, i was actually thinking back to your post you did last year about DNA testing! :-)

    I'm SO excited. I'll post the certificate once it's received!

  3. Yeah.... Did I START something, or were you ALREADY thinking about having Molly DNA tested? ;)
    Knowing what "breed" your dogs are is IMPORTANT. This way, you can BETTER UNDERSTAND them!! ;op