Saturday, 28 January 2012

Running free and animal cruelty

What a day! 

It started of normal and nice - walk with my two girls. It's the first time both dogs got to run together off leash since they accident and I think they thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Later on.... I was walking home from the Library when I saw a gypsy beat his horse in the middle of the road. I was shocked and upset at the sight but was too frightened to intervene. Another lady shouted over "you leave that horse alone" and the gypsy got so aggressive with her it was nothing short of frightening! 

Horrible experience and puts in my mind just how much some people should never be able to own an animal.

Leaving this post on a better note, here's my pumpkins :-) - 


  1. "Some people should never be able to own an animal." Agreed.
    And SOME people, I have observed, truly LOVE their animals, but probably should not own them anyway!! Because they don't know WHAT TO DO with a certain breed/mutt!! Or they're LAZY.... :-(
    What BEAUTIFUL pictures of your "pumpkins"!! ;op

  2. I dunno! I think that's an excuse people use too often (saying it's not the right breed). I think if you love your pet, you'll make it work! Regardless of breeds or personalities etc. I didn't know what to do with a pregnant dog when I first adopted her and the rescue home offered to take her back... but I loved her and there wasn't a chance I'd do that. as the saying goes.. "love conquers all"

  3. ABSOLUTELY!! I couldn't agree with you MORE!! I have made it work--with two different canines--for love DOES conquer all!! Shadow was AGGRESSIVE toward her own kind. I gave my ALL to that incorigable girl!! We tried EVERYTHING!! And I've given my ALL just the same to ROSE!! That's what is required.... And YOU make it work!!
    My POINT was that far too many people are LAZY. At least, based upon obsevation, anyway. They do not WANT to partake in all the work which is required with owning/training dogs!! It BREAKS MY HEART to see....
    YOU have a valid point, as well, Stacey.... Thanks for sharing. ;)

  4. I completely agree! Understand more now lol. I hate lazy dog owners and definitely think they shouldn't be able to have pets either. It just upsets me when people just dump their dogs in rescue centre's for no reason.

  5. Sorry about the MISUNDERSTANDING, Stacey!! I should have EXPLAINED MYSELF better!! ;-}