Saturday, 3 March 2012

4 -9.52

Although I haven't posted I have actually been taking a picture a week of both dogs together... here's my recap -

First time run together off lead since Molly's attack.

Jess finds a dog bed she actually likes. 

Snoozing in Mummy's bed. 
Playing fetch in the garden to beat the dark winter blues. 

Car journeys to our walkies // The week of the Heart Murmur Diagnosis// DNA Results. 
After walkies and going hyper with fetch (Something went funny uploading this picture s o it's a little pixalated.  Nothing like the original but it'll do for here I suppose).


  1. Picture number one: Molly and Jess look as though they are having the time of their lives!! And who can blame them? ;op
    Picture number three: Awwww.... Jess' paws peeking out of your blankets is adorable!! ;)
    And.... I actually like the last picture. It's kind of "digital" looking!! ;-}
    Thanks for sharing these!! ;-]

  2. hiya, just spotted your name on Raelyns blog, i love your pics they just jump out the screen at me xxx

  3. I love your new header, Stacey!! ;)