Tuesday, 28 February 2012

DNA Results

Results from the DNA test are officially in. I was kinda shocked at first as I was convinced lab was a part of Molly but I was wrong......

As you can see..... Molly's dad wasn't a Lab at all. He was a pure bred Border Collie. 
I've since read up on them and it makes so much sense. I've realised that ever since Molly was a puppy she has actually been herding me when we've been out running in fields. If I tried to run away she would chase after me, grab the sleeve of my coat and stop me in my tracks. I always thought she was being naughty but turns out that's who she is. She was treating me like a sheep haha. 

Jess was of course the Staffie... and a Chinook?

Apparently they're a old (almost extinct) breed. One of the rarest in the world. I have my doubts with it but she sounds so similar to how they're described & of course she has the matching colour.

Kinda chuffed with them :-)

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  1. Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay, oh yay, oh yay!! Finally.... Molly's DNA results!! (And Jess'!!) ;)
    A Chinook/Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Border Collie mix?! Wow.... That is quite the mouthful to say!! ;-}
    Well.... Molly--plus Jess, and Rose--are, like every mongrel, BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE!! ;op