Sunday, 1 April 2012

Crufts 2012

Oh gosh, I can now finally catch up :-)

A few weeks back I went to Crufts in Birmingham. It's one of the biggest dog events in the world and boy, did it impress!

I had so much fun! We only got to spend a few hours there as my mum's friend (who drove us) was a bit tired and had to get home to her kids but we're already planning on going back next year.

I was most excited for Flyball and made sure I got there early to get a seat in the main arena.

There was also 5 Halls which had hundreds and hundreds of stalls for every dog associated business in the UK.

I came home with 3 big bags of treats for Jess and Molly and only paid for 4 items :-)

The main arena
Our goodies :-) Most of this was free!

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  1. That looked like fun!! It is neat to see, as an American, how people in the United Kingdom participate in big dog events!! We have some here, of course, but I have never been to any!! I do not know why, exactly.... ;-}
    Wow, talk about a load of goodies!! Molly and Jess certainly got spoiled, didn't they? ;op