Sunday, 8 April 2012

doggy dancing

OK.... I think I should give a confession, I love dancing dogs!

I have never tried any sort of dancing with my girls even though they know quite a handful of tricks as I find it really hard to get into it. However I was watching Britain's got talent when a dog called Pudsey came up on stage dancing with his owner. It was an amazing performance and the whole time watching it I could see how Molly would also be brilliant at it.

So watch this space ... ;-P we're starting it off by copying move for move Kate & Jinn's dance from BGT Season 2!

I'll keep it posted how well it's working.

I am choosing to do it with Molly as she loves learning and doing tricks, she loves it as it's part of who she is, she loves working her brain and being a clever clogs.

Jess is a very clever dog, however, she does it purely to get a piece of cheese and most of the time does it with almost no enthusiasm. We'll still be learning but I just don't think Jess will enjoy it enough to do a full routine.

1 comment:

  1. Cool!! It will be sort of like Dancing With The Stars.... Except that your partner is a dog!! Fun!! ;op
    Do not forget to post pictures, if possible, in the near future!! ;-D