Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mavis the foster puppy

This is a bit late but I think Mavis deserves her own post.

She was my brothers foster dog, he knew he couldn't have a dog so thought he'd help the rescue home and he picked Mavis to be his first foster pup.

She is absolutely gorgeous, she's only 1 and is so hyper and full of energy.

It's so sad she's spent 4 months of her short life waiting for someone to take her home but at least she got to have a break with us! I just so hope she finds her forever home soon.

My brother couldn't keep her as she's very reactive and needs someone who is very experienced with dogs. She barks so much at other dogs it looks more like full on aggression rather than nervousness. She is lovely with people though, she just needs some training and with the cancer scare with Molly I couldn't free my time up to do it. I know the right home is out there for her though, who will train her to be the dog she should be!

Rescue homes are the reason I have a hate towards breeders (mainly "backyard breeders"). They make me so angry! If there isn't enough homes for every dog in the world, why keep contributing to the over population so that so many are murdered through being homeless... ah!! But I guess, that is a subject for another day.


  1. Training a dog-aggressive canine is difficult.... Trust me. This was a behavioral issue which I could not quite overcome with my German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross, Shadow!! And I tried everything!! But training a dog-aggressive canine is not impossible....!! ;op
    I hear you!! And, since, in America 75% of dogs that enter shelters are mixed breeds, guess which percentage is the one most likely to be murdered? It's so sad.... :-(

  2. oh I know, I would have loved to have kept her but I have to be realistic!
    Love that you love mongrels as much as me :-)