Wednesday, 20 March 2013

smudgy bedtime snuggles

I love our bedtimes. We always start and end the day the 3 of us and you know what, I can't think of anything better! 

We've been slightly quiet around here for a couple of weeks but we're back :-) Life can get pretty hectic sometimes but what I love is that my pups are way up there in my priorities no matter how busy I am!

In a more humorous topic.... I went to work today and by the time I came home, Molly had taught herself how to open kitchen cupboard doors, she grabbed two packet of dog treats and ate the lot, the third packet was unopened so she carried them to the top of the stairs. People might think how do I know it's Molly, but trust me, I know my girls haha! She's a little Madam! 


  1. Molly! Did you get into some mischief??

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  2. Stacey....
    Did you miss me? {Okay, that was part of a Tony Stark/Iron Man line from "The Avengers". Very cocky and self-centered, actually!!} Well, I have appeared missing in action so to speak around everybody's Blogs lately. To complete my Secretive Writing Project. Well, I'm baaaack!! Did you miss me? Hee, hee, hee.... ;)
    Experts say that life is a balance. I can't but agree. We are constantly walking this narrow "balance beam", so to speak. Some things fall off, while others we deem as being "high priorities" {Like Molly, Jess, and Rose!!} never will. Ever. ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!