Wednesday, 17 April 2013

and we're back...

We've had a slight, unplanned break recently but I'm glad to say we're back. Things have gone on in my work and personal life (both positive things) that have stopped me from being able to spend my time here on this little blog. It's sometimes when you step back a little that you realise you have to remember your priorities and with that I'm setting up a strict daily schedule for my pups. 

I'm doing it so Monday - Friday is is exactly the same, from the time of our walks to when they have their dinner - I'll let them choose when they wanna go bed though ;-) 
Weekend will be slightly different as we wouldn't have to wake up so early or wait so late for a walk. 

I went to London a few days ago and got back today... first thing I did was drop my bags, get Jess and Molly in the car and we went for our walk. As you can see, Molly found a pretty big stick she was quite fond of :), we found a much more suitable sized one later on though which she was obsessed with! 

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