Tuesday, 25 June 2013

little mutts.

I saw this on Pinterest (along with a huge pile of really funny photos... I'm actually going to post my favourites on another post because I think it's only fair I share the giggles ;) )

Back to the quote though, it reminds me of the time before I adopted Jess, and I was kinda stuck on the idea of getting a purebred puppy, price didn't matter, that's what I wanted cos it's what's most socially accepted. I mean, don't get me wrong, every dog is accepted, but I do find that as soon as people ask me what my dogs breeds are and I reply that they're mixed, people kinda lose interest. My heart was stuck on a Springer Spaniel or a Husky cos they were cute and I liked reading about there character traits, however, 4 and half years after owning 2 mutts, I can honestly say that my little mongrels have been even better on the character front than I could have ever dreamed of.... I could never have aimed to get two dogs as different as they are, even if I read a million books on dog breeds and picked the two most opposites. 

That's what I love about mutts, the surprise, the differences, the fact you have no idea what you're going to get until it's too late ;)

Here's a bunch of pictures from my phone of my girls over the last 2 months - 

I love my puppies

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  1. Stacey....
    I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville--again!!--it feels so good to be back!! ;-D
    I love, love, love this quote about mutts!! Love, love, love!! ;)
    I know what you mean. Before adopting Rose, {And she chose me somehow!!} I, too, was set on a purebred. Why? For no reason other than the fact that Shadow was a mutt, and I wanted something completely different from her!! I considered Labrador retriever. But that notion was vetoed by family members!! We seriously considered an Australian shepherd. But I researched that breed. Based on our current lifestyle at the time, we said "no" to that breed!! Then, I met Rose!! She changed my way of thinking just by simply being "born different".... Like me!! From here on forth, I will only adopt/rescue mutts!! Oh, and by the way? Rose's temperament could not be any more different from Shadow's!! Go figure!! ;op
    --Raelyn {And Rose her Beautifully Unique Mystery Dog!!}